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Miss A Suzy's Signature Makeup ♥ 수지 첫사랑 메이크업

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Hi everyone! Long time no video, huh? I missed you guys very much!! I haven't filmed a video and this one as well is one of my pre-filmed videos. My life has been very hectic with job hunting and last semester at school. I have so many ideas to film but apologize I couldn't make time to really do it. Uploading this one now in hoping that you guys don't forget mee!! :p Always think about you and love you! (If you're interested in my life, follow me on Instagram!)

* Big apologize of the bad audio in this video. I actually uploaded this a while ago but had to take it down due to the copyright issue. I had to edit it again with a new background music but didn't have time to do another voice over. ;[ Sorry guys hope you understand!!!

♥ Please be nice to my friend!! ^0^

♥ Product I used!
Sleek Makeup Divine Palette
VDL Festival Eye Shadow 'Espresso'
Dior 1 Couleur '#616 Golden Spotlight'
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Pencil 'Black'
Maybelline One By One Mascara
MAC Blush 'Tenderling'
Annasui Sui Rouge '#700"
Holika Holika Heartful Lipstick 'Pink Bong Bong'
YSL Rouge Volupte '#4"
jxxxxxxlxx : I've always liked Suzy's subtle make up so thanks for this tutorial! it was very pretty~~
beautifilife : hehe love it Liah unnie!
thanks for doing all these cute tutorials theyre awesome!

puh106 : so pretty, love the simple look of it^^

18912091 : thanks for doing suzy's tutorial :D love her so much
Connie Yang : such a pretty look! great job liah. :D

2 brothers risk everything for survival under the Khmer Rouge regime. | Year Zero

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It is 1975, and the Khmer Rouge has taken over Cambodia, inflicting unspeakable violence on the country's citizens, who they forced into labor camps. Amidst the brutality and violence, two brothers lose nearly everything, including most of their family, and are left to fend for themselves.

On the brink of starvation -- like the many millions affected by famine and hunger in the country -- the pair attempt to steal some rice, and come face to face with a direct threat of the regime.

Writer-director David Siev's intense short drama combines scenes of horrifying power with interpolations of a documentary. The two modes have an unusually direct call-and-response effect on one another, giving an almost unbearable weight to this story of two brothers' survival amidst a brutal political regime.

In the hands of a less skilled filmmaker, this would come across as clumsy and heavy-handed, but the incisive craftsmanship would be compelling enough on its own, drawing viewers in with suspense. It takes the seemingly simple act of stealing food and parlays it into an exemplary sequence of thriller-like tension, constructed with perfectly paced editing and camerawork.

But it has an even more of an impact than the typical suspense film, because the situation of the brothers is rooted in something historical and real, and its stakes of life and death were undeniably realistic for many millions of Cambodians under the Khmer Rouge. And for the two brothers, they too come to confront a life-and-death situation, as they're caught by a soldier of the Khmer Rouge -- and face the question of just how much humanity the regime has exterminated.

For many, the Khmer Rouge is history, and reading about the ways it terrorized the Cambodian population on the page is horrifying. But "Year Zero" -- which is based on a true story -- not only seeks to educate viewers and remind them not to forget what happened, but it brings to life with startling emotional immediacy what it means to so hungry that someone would risk anything for just a cup of rice -- and what the stakes were if they failed.

"Year Zero" ends with a postscript about the real-life story that inspired the film, bookending the short with a bit of personal documentary as the two brothers portrayed in the film retrace their father's life and their own life in Cambodia as grown men. History, as it is revealed, is not just a story with a beginning, middle and end, but continues to live after the chapter has seemingly "ended" -- haunting and echoing in the present through the trauma it has created, and in love and loyalty that endures beyond life and death.

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2 brothers risk everything for survival under the Khmer Rouge regime. | Year Zero


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M Henderson : I wish we had learned about this as well in school growing up. Seems like they want us to forget about such important events. Thank you for this and it was truly an amazing story.
Rituparna Sarkar : Meng's generosity is worth applause amidst the scary Pol pot regime. More strength to the brothers and all the victims of these heinous regimes.
Digohz : Finally someone does a video about this war, it’s not talked about much at all and needs to be!
Jeremy Travis : Most of us older people found out what went on in Cambodia but never have I seen it depicted so graphically.
Hello Sweetheart : I'm so sorry for your grief and prayers for your family

Most Controversial Cycling Moments 2021 | Lanterne Rouge

Lanterne Rouge presents his selection of the most controversial cycling moments of the 2021 season, including the Omi Opi crash on stage 1 of the Tour de France, Amstel Gold Race men and women's for different reasons, Nacer Bouhanni's suspension, Matej Mohoric' celebration and more.

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Patrick J : If Mader and Roglic had ridden together for 10km and held off the group, Mader has a beef, but Roglic was putting time into his rivals without any assistance from Mader, he owes him nothing.
SteveRiverwood : A couple of things to add as controversial.

1. UCI banning supertuck!
2. Michael Schär Bidon Disqualification at Ronde van Vlaanderen... That brought the bidon discardment issue to the surface again...
3. The dutch womens tactics(or lack off) at the Olympics
4. If track is included - Frederik Rodenberg Madsen crashing into Charlie Tanfield at the Olympics in the semi's, and he whole debacle afterwards.
5. Remco's WC roadrace escapades - Or well just Remco being Remco in 2021
Micah Sherer : "Lopez on the wife to his phone" is a legit Freudian slip.
Nick Zaffino : I love alaphalippe but he definitely gets away with way too many sprint deviations that nobody ever talks about.




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