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Pascal Letoublon - Friendships (Lost My Love) (Lyric Video) ft. Leony

Pascal Letoublon feat. Leony - 'Friendships (Lost My Love)' out Now !
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Music video by Pascal Letoublon performing Friendships (Lost My Love) (Lyric Video). A Virgin Records recording; © 2020 Suprafive Records, under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH
Bryan Ogborn : Didn’t realize this song had lyrics. Had only heard the instrumental up to this point. Wow. Perfect driving song.
Jaswin's Arts : I wish YouTube had an option that is “better” than just “Like” because this song deserves a “double” love! ❤️ ❤️
scott perine : This song relates on so many levels,the instrumental is just as good as the lyrics.
marcin osa : Świetny kawałek
Borka Horváth : The way I understand the lyrics:
The bittersweet flow of the music and the lyrics perfectly describe the feelings you have when you loved someone crazy and they meant everything to you, they were your safe place and peace, but they started failing and hurting you, so they slowly replaced your deep love with bitter feelings, so you eventually lost your love you felt for them, because they slowly killed it.

To me the lyrics show the feelings you have when you’re separating yourself from that person, they became a part of you and you gave your heart to them, they were your world, but now it’s time to go because they hurt you too many times and you don’t have that sweet and joyful love for them anymore.

Amazing combination of music and lyrics, I got addicted the first time I heard the song. I went through these feelings I described in my last relationship and it took me a long time to heal and function normal again, but listening to this now that I’m happy and free is so soothing and empowering at the same time.

Thank you, this is art❤️

Friendships (Original Mix)

Provided to YouTube by Label Worx Ltd

Friendships (Original Mix) · Pascal Letoublon


℗ Suprafive Records

Released on: 2017-09-05

Composer: Pascal Letoublon

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Pascal Letoublon - Friendships (Original Mix)

The french producer Pascal Letoublon is rapidly making his way up into the world of deep house. His first track ever 'Friendships' is surely his way of proving this.Relaxed and laidback vibe as well as great melodies and blissful vocals, that’s what you should expect from this young talent.

El productor francés Pascal Letoublon está abriéndose camino rápidamente hacia el mundo de Deep House. Su primer tema, "Friendships", es sin duda su forma de demostrar esto. Ambiente relajado y relajado, así como excelentes melodías y voces felices, eso es lo que debe esperar de este joven talento.

#MoonWalk #DeepHouse
BEST 2 BUY : Yay !!! The best 80s dance still now ! ✨ ✨
Tania Almeida : AMEI
Jocelem Pereira de Sousa : A gente não vê os pés em vários momentos... mas é excelente
KARMA OF कर्ण : Your Moon walk move with the (00:48 sec) timing is Awesome.
SUP SURF A1A : I’ve seen many many people that can do this, but very very few people flow as smoothly as this kid.
Very impressive!!!




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