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HP Deskjet 2510 Instructional Video

A instructional video demonstrating HP Deskjet 2510 ink cartridge replacement.
Alliny Cristina : bom dia ,gostaria de perguntar se voce vende cartuchos? dessa impressora
LifeofNell : That's wrong the ink cartridges are near the bottom of the printer

Troubleshooting the HP 'Check Ink/Print Cartridge' Error Message

Read about these steps in more detail here: http://bit.ly/1llxe9k

In this video I show you some simple steps to get your HP printer to hopefully recognise its installed cartridges. This advice can be used to combat the 'Check Ink Cartridges', 'Check Cartridges and a variety of other Hewlett Packard inkjet printer error messages. All of these steps are quick and easy to perform and can be done without any special equipment.

The 'Check Ink Cartridges' error message covered in this article is applicable to the HP 300, HP 301 and HP 901.The printers compatible with these cartridges can be found listed below.

HP 300 (CC640EE/CC643EE) and HP 300XL (CC641EE/CC644EE): HP Deskjet D1600, D1660, D1663, D2500, D2560, D2563, D2660, D5560, F2400, F2420, F2480, F2488, F2492, F4210, F4213, F4240, F4272, F4275, F4280, F4283, F4288, F4500, F4580, F4583, HP Photosmart C4610, C4640, C4650, C4670, C4680, C4683, C4685, C4688, C4740, C4780, C4783, C4788, C4795, C4798, Envy 100, 110 and 120 e-All-in-One inkjet printers.

HP 301 (CH561EE/CH562EE) and HP 301XL (CH563EE/CH564EE): HP Deskjet 1000, 1010, 1050, 1050A, 1510, 2050, 2050A, 2050s, 2510, 2540, 2542, 3000, 3050, 3050A, 3055A, Envy 4500, 4502, 4504, 4505, 5530, 5539, HP Officejet 2620 All-in-One and e-All-in-One printers.

HP 901 (CC653AE/CC656AE) and HP 901XL (CC654AE): HP Officejet 4500, 4500 Wireless, J4524, J4535, J4540, J4550, J4580, J4585, J4660, J4680 and J4680C.

You may also find the error code appears in conjunction with other Hewlett Packard ink cartridges and printers, but some points of this troubleshooting may not be entirely relevant. The printers that can benefit from this troubleshooting are too numerous to list, but if your printer cannot recognise the HP 21 (C9351AE), HP 21XL (C9351CE), HP 27 (C8727AN), HP 56 (C6656AE), HP 339 (C8767EE), HP 350XL (CB336EE), HP 22 (C9352AE), HP 22XL (C9352CE), HP 28 (C8728AN), HP 57 (C6657A), HP 110 (CB304AE), HP 351 (CB337EE), HP 351XL (CB338EE), HP 342 (C9361EE), HP 343 (C8766EE), HP 344 (C9363EE), HP 58 (C6658AE), HP 348 (C9369EE), HP 336 (C9362EE), HP 337 (C9364EE), HP 338 (C8765EE) and HP 350 (CB335EE) then you may find this article of use.
Melissa Barnes : Wow - thank you so much this really helped! It looks like my existing cartridge leaked all over the inside - without this video I wouldn't have even known where to look. Thank you!!
SVB : Avoid HP printers, they are RUBBISH! They have some a "feature" that forces you to use their own HP Cartridges, with tiny amounts of ink in them!
The "Feature" in question is the tab named "HP Cartridge Protection" which seems to be "Enabled" when you put new cartirdges in, meaning you can NEVER use these cartridges in any other printer and using remanufactured will end up in HP soon realizing these are not original carts and force them to stop working.
You can use re-manufactured, but they wont last long.

I am NEVER buying anything HP ever again!
roy mangubat : Very easy and informative. It works for me.. Thanks
Taylor Hamilton : Yes! This worked for me. Cleaning the surfaces is what did it. Thank you so much!!
Koketso Diana Mothobi : Thank you so much! This was really helpful, it walked, i needed to clean the part that the printer reads... thanks again!

Hp Printer Deskjet 2512 review

The hp printer Deskjet 2512 is a wonder printer by HP. Print copy and scan really fast
harikiri tiger : Thank your sir!I love this video <3
Rebecca Birmingham Montgomery : I'm having the same problem.  I put new cartridges in but it doesn't read that it's full.  It still says I need to replace Cyan.  And there's nothing I've found on-line to fix this.  Very frustrating.  Worked for a week and then nothing. 
Rio Jean Alforque : hey... is there any difference between hp 2510 and 2512? i cant scan on my 2510, and i dont know why. ..i connected all wires but still did not work.. sigh..
Rebecca Birmingham Montgomery : I commented too soon.  Checked out another UTube video and it explained how you have to hold down the On button and then hold down the Cancel button....and that resets the ink cartridges.  Interesting.....and it worked!  A caution is that I might have to do it each time.....but that's ok...I'll work with that. 
Jeannie Jones : How do I find the IP address for this printer?




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