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Adobe Photoshop Cs4 tutorial

Adobe Photoshop tutorial, Basic tutorial, Sample project based multimedia
gamestar458 ! : Hi, nice video, I was having a problem though because when you import images, how do I view them in tabs above below the tool bar?
Bonie Tomias : @zilu54 thanks pal. i admit i'm just a beginner in making this kind of tutorial..

thanks for the advice man. it will help me a lot.
chriizzzyy : nice tutorial ever :D
codenamebravo : Another YouTube video with no voice over. People on mobiles or tablets find it hard to follow due to screen size. Guess I'll watch it tomorrow on my pc or laptop.
Alyssa Williams : its hard to focus on the video with the music

Adobe photoshop CS4 Lesson 1/14 Tutorial for beginners

JABTV2008 : The best tutorials around!!! Simple, exact, no humming and haaing, straight to the point, shows all the steps. Wish I could get it all on a DVD!! Keep up the great work!!
Jorge Ruiz de los LLanos : Great tutorial, thank you!
Kathy : Thank you for all your help in learning Adobe.
wijaya widi : Thanks you very much this is very important to me
Agboh Victor : im really interesred in the tutorials but how do i get the lesson files..?

Introducing Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Basic Video Editing Tutorial

In this video tutorial, we take a look at some of the basic features of Adobe's Premiere Pro CS4 video editing software. This tutorial is designed for students with some experience of video editing software like Windows Movie Maker, but no experience of Adobe Premiere. It covers the basics of creating a project, uploading video clips, and editing basics like cuts, video transitions and adding an audio soundtrack file. Recorded using Screencast-O-Matic.




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