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My Top 5 Work Trousers Reviewed in 2017

Here are my top 5 workwear trousers that I reviewed in 2017 - these are some of the newest products on the market and will see you right for all that hardwork this year. No matter what job you do one of these trousers will suit you, from Snicker work trousers designed for the toughest of floor laying tasks day after day, to Dickies work trousers as a great all rounder, FXD is a new comer from Australia and is hard as nails but made from 100 % cotton; my boys wear them every day in our shop. If you want to know more about these trousers there are full reviews on all of them on my YouTube channel so check them out.

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Please watch: "Helly Hansen Chelsea Evolution Hooded Top"
MSPEC95 : Mate what about the tradie brand flex pants with the flexie "no ouchie crutch"

Best comfort
Best durability
They look good
Plenty of good pocket space
Im a big bloke and find them so comfy and non restrictive when bending down and lifting leg up to climb. Theres nothing to catch on things and rip with the elastic leg cuffs.
Not bad for $65 aud
didit4th3lulz : Its a shame that the US is only just now starting to see work wear like this. I work for an irish company and many of the lads that come over are wearing snickers pants. They blow Carharrts right out of the water
Greg Massett : Always looking for large size pants to wear for outdoor activity. 3x-5x depending on company. Or 54-56. Difficult to find
Athar Mehmood : My demand of Working Snicker's is 500~1000 PCs.
Shock Value : You dont mention a dedicate smart phone pocket pref on the thiģh. And cargo pocket for a wallet. Holster pockets have to be Snickers size or a cm over. Ripstop fabric. Im an electrician and have tried loads. So far its snicker for holstee pocket trousers and Jallatte gortex boots. These are amazing. Its a good alround fit.

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Man Vs Tool (Blaklader Pants)

위 영상에 나온 바지는 Blaklader 160013709499모델이며
2020년12월7일기준 환률로 124,835원입니다.



Blaklader Tough Pants Contest at the 2017 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® World Championship

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영상에 착용된 무릎보호대정보\u0026mp=1

작성일 기준 가격 US $3.78

추천 워크팬츠

여름반바지 Blaklader Craftsmen X1600 Shorts $ 54.95\u0026psc=1

Apache ATS 3D Stretch Fit Tapered Leg Holster Pocket Work Wear Trousers
Price: £34.75 - £50.35 코로나로 인해 약간의 금액 변동이 있습니다.
38파운드 내외입니다.\u0026keywords=Apache+ATS+3D+Stretch+Fit+Tapered\u0026qid=1607276133\u0026s=industrial\u0026sr=1-1

Apache Men's Ats Tech Fleece Fleece Price: £17.95 - £23.99\u0026keywords=Apache+ATS+3D+Stretch+Fit+Tapered\u0026qid=1607276133\u0026s=industrial\u0026sr=1-16


Wright Wears\u0026i=clothing\u0026s=price-asc-rank\u0026qid=1607276577\u0026ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank


MS9 Mens Work Cargo Combat Holster Pockets Tactical Working Work Trouser Trousers Pants Jeans Price: £32.95 - £32.99\u0026keywords=ms9+work+trousers\u0026qid=1607276851\u0026s=clothing\u0026sr=1-42

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Scruffs WORKER PLUS Graphite Grey Work Trousers with Holster Pockets

Worktough Stretch Holster Pocket Work Trousers Tapered Fit Black

Worktough Core Stretch Work Trousers Tapered Fit Black

Scruffs Trade Work Hoodie Black Men's Hooded Jumper

JCB Horton Hoodie Navy \u0026 Black (Sizes S-XXL) Work Hooded Jumper

현재 20% 할인코드 적용가능 할인코드 : WT20
feel ing : 말씀에 공감이 많이가네요...우리나라 작업복 작업화 음... 현장사람들 생각해서 만든건가 싶을때가 많음.
자세한 설명 감사합니다.
NYC Royal : 역시 해적님 이셔유〰️
공감 마니 갑니다유〰️
모두가 안전하고 즐거운 현장이 되길〰️
저는 블라크가 최고라고 생각
PAUL KIM STUDIO : 마무리 말씀 많이 공감합니다. 그리고 해적님 작업조끼 눈여겨 보다가 찾아보니 단품되었더군요. 안타깝게도 b사는 타이밍 좋을때 먼가 흐름을 탁 끊는 마케팅이 아쉽더라구요. 오토피드 매거진이라던가..... 저두 요새 슬슬 허리와 손꾸락 마디마디가 통증을 무시할 단계를 넘어서고 있어서 지적하고 계신 부분들에 관심을을 많이 갖게 되네요. 피곤하신데 영상 만드시느라 수고 많으셨어요. 많이 응원함니다. 화이팅.
Tool Master 봉스리 - Bong's LEE : 주먹으로 내려치고 각목까지...ㅋㅋㅋ 무릎보호대 사러가야겠네요 ㅎㅎㅎ
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How to Fix a Trimmer That Won't Start!

Is there anything more frustrating than pulling out the string trimmer only to find it won't start?! In this video, I will walk you through some common issues and how to fix them.

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Some of my favorite stuff! I have done reviews on a lot of these items!
(TheDurbinCompound may receive commission for items)

Forestry Tools!
LogOX 3in1 Forestry Multitool
Husqvarna Combi Can
Stihl 2in1 Easy File Chainsaw Sharpener

Everyday Tools!
Milwaukee Rolling Toolbox 48-22-8426
Milwaukee Large Toolbox 48-22-8425
Milwaukee Toolbox 48-22-8424
Milwaukee Slim 11 Compartment Organizer 48-22-8431
Milwaukee Slim 5 Compartment Organizer 48-22-8436
Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator 2475-20
Milwaukee M18 Oscillating Multitool 2626-20
Milwaukee Switchtank Backpack Sprayer

Work Pants!
Dickies Flex Work Pants (Best price is on Amazon)
Blaklader X1600 Pants

Timberland Pro Gridworks 8” Boot
Timberland Pro Boondocks 6” Boot
Thorogood Moc Toe 8” Boots 814-3800

Electrician gear / Test Equipment!
Fluke 1AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester
Fluke T6-1000 Field Sense Meter
Fluke Ammeter and Multimeter Kit
Feildpiece Manometer SDNM-5
Fluke 62 Max Infrared Thermometer

Streamlight Stylus Pro Pocket Light 100 Lumens
Surefire Stilletto Pocket Flashlight
Surefire Tactician Pocket Flashlight

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Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more!
D C : Always a good idea to store a half dozen super sharp chainsaws 6 feet off the ground in your garage... If you're prone to earthquakes, or when that door is being operated you may want to avoid that are with pets and small children.
john collins : I was waiting for you to test for spark again after having disconnected the kill switch, no? I thought that was what you did to check it it's the coil/magnet or not...And that there's no need to disassemble the switch area (nightmare to get pesky springs back in!).
I've just received a new coil (slow boat from China). Two wires -- black, and b/w, like your two wires. I presume one connects to switch and the other to ground (old one must just have grounded through bolt). Does it make a difference which goes where? I presume b/w is to switch. Thank you.
Andy Becker : You need fuel and air in correct proportions,spark at the correct timing, and compression. Used about 4 hrs. and has a bad coil. That’s why I buy Echo instead. I am only on my second one in 25 years.No valves to adjust either.That’s not acceptable for a supposedly “pro” grade machine Stihl!
Joseph Sebastian : very detailed and good troubleshooting tips
Glen Parker : I’ve heard from a lot of saw shops complaining the new moderne of saws and weed eaters the ignition will burn up if you pull the starter without it connected to the plug. Just how did a weed eater that hasn’t been used develop electrical problems hanging on a wall if that’s all it takes all of the equipment at the stores would be bad wouldn’t they




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