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[Show me the ITEM 935회] Ibanez 피크 JTC1


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Holiday Jo : 와 진짜 이쁘네용...
무슨 오디오 장비 부품같이 생겼다
ᅳ빵엔안갈래 : Good job♥~~
무늬없는기타 : 요거 관심 가네요...
veritasastro : 성능이나 내구성은 안 써봐서 모르겠지만, 정말 엄청 예쁜 피크네..
Yetimatze Nightcat : Looks like a thick hard acrylic pick. I prefer 0.7 tortex, thats better for the strings, but of course a thicker pick is more suitable for chicken picking. : -- )

Ibanez & JTC Guitar Collaborate on “THE PLAYERS PICK”

JTC Guitar is an online lesson site that provides amazing opportunities to learn to play guitar utilizing high quality educational materials, taught by today’s leading players. Ibanez and JTC have now collaborated on the JTC1 pick, the product of extensive research and development with various JTC artists. Based on the new Ibanez KALEIDO series picks, the 2.5mm ultra thick JTC1 is made of "Tritan," a copolyester material that assists in fast picking and works well in tandem with fingerstyle playing for a superior tonal consistency. JTC1 pick packages also contain a link to free JTC learning materials.

Learn more: https://www.ibanez.com/

JTC Guitar: http://www.jtcguitar.com
Grab your FREE JTC download: https://www.jtcguitar.com/promo/ibane...
Bartosz Bąk : I've been testing it for two weeks. The play is very pleasant, comfortable and smooth nicely moves though the strings. Very pleasant material in touch. Shape is between Dunlop Jazz and Dunlop Jazz III XL. Unfortunately, the contoured edges makes the grip surface smaller than the normal Jazz III ! It's too small for my hands. Sometimes I feel that pick is perfectly stable in my fingers and sometimes it can slip out at any moment. I'm waiting for bigger size because this pick has hidden power.
Lawyer Morty : Its just a jazz III but pointier and fatter
Straight Shooter : why every video i see of martin hes not using this pick
Gary McNeill : This is such an absolute load of BS
Abdel Ouery : Just ordered two of these :D

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